Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Another year has passed and today I'm happy to I'm celebrating my 23rd birthday. It feels like a weird number but I am so very happy with it. I feel like we're all good until the 25 hits because then the pressure of getting everything done on my do-this-before-I'm-30 list is really on. And trust me, that list really exists and I sure as hell plan on accomplishing every single thing on there. 

As of right now, I'm enjoying life and often I find myself feeling humble and proud of where I am at the moment. 5 years ago I could only dream about the life that I have right now and this is something worth celebrating. I've learned a lot while growing up and even during this last year I've started to see so many things differently. In this day and age where social media is taking over our lives, it's really hard to see the real things and enjoy small things in life. Everything seems perfect in the online world and I'm not gonna lie, I often feel like I need to have certain things or looks to be acceptable. It's sad to think about it but fortunately I've learned to take a step back every once in a while and not get it over my head. 

Today is all about celebrating me (and my twin-sister, heeey!) and doing the things that I love. I can feel joy about the smallest of things and that is ok. No need for out-of-this-world expensive gifts or the biggest birthday bash on a cruise somewhere tropical (although it would be kinda cool). Here's what I like to do and remind myself to stay humble and on the top of my game on an every day basis. 

1. Worrying is a waste of time and a looot of wasted energy. Sometimes I can be the queen of this because I get anxious quite quickly and it's easy to stress about things. But the more important is to remind yourself that it's not worth it. I like to do this trick on my head that every time I need to do something that get's me worried, I think about what I can do after it's done. Let's say I have a job interview or something and instead of worrying my head off I keep thinking about the warm cup of coffee I can drink after. Small things like that but it's so much better than to be a nervous stress ball and waste energy on something that is not worth it.

2. You don't have to prove yourself to anyone else but yourself. This is so important because if you're not doing things for yourself then why are you doing them. Again, it can be overwhelming seeing your Instagram idols accomplishing things that you dream about (whilst being years younger than you) but that doesn't mean that YOU have to do those things, too. We all have our own "timeline" in life and that's fine. As long as you keep moving towards your goals and keep yourself happy, it's all that matters. 

3. Dare to live life the way you want. I think that the most powerful thing is being true to yourself and while it's completely okay to get inspired by other people, it's important to do things because you actually want to do them and not because you saw someone else doing them. Let's take healthy lifestyle which has grown to be more popular than ever and it often seems like it's the only right way to live. I can talk for myself but every day I feel so much pressure of not having a strict diet or not working out 5 times a week and while I admire people who can do this, I know that this not for me. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to work out and this is something that puts me in the best mood but I can't be wasting time on counting my macros and calculate every single food I eat. I like to have a balanced diet and eat things that I enjoy and just now as I'm eating my birthday cake for breakfast I thought that I shouldn't do that because it's not "right". But heck I'm gonna do it because I want to! I encourage you to enjoy small things in life because YOU want to. 

Let me know what is your favorite quote or thought about everyday living!

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